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Launching to crickets is basically everyone's worst nightmare. Yours too?

And it's exactly that fear that keeps people going 'round and 'round on that hamster wheel they call their business.


So let's get rid of it, shall we?

I'm Kate, and I'm a girl who's helped my clients + myself make $500k in launches over the last 2 years ... and you know what else?

I've helped them create space for the things they really love -- like kids, painting, and traveling the world.

Happy Clients Include ...

And I've put together some of my best resources into this product launch toolkit for burned out entrepreneurs looking for a way to build revenue-generating relationships and sell at scale with a launch.

Inside you'll find ...

🙌 5 Phases of a Profitable Launch Training so you can plan the most epic launch ever

🙌 Launch Checklist so you know exactly what to do and when

🙌 Conversion Cost Calculator so you know what you can spend to win at launching

🙌 Launch Debrief training so you know how you did in your launch and where to improve

🙌 In depth conversion tips that I share only as a guest expert

🙌 Real case studies to see launching in action

What are you waiting for? Let's get you launched! 

5 Phases of a Profitable Launch

1 Lessons

Your Launch Checklist

1 Lessons

Conversion Cost Calculator

1 Lessons

Launch Debrief

1 Lessons

In-Depth Conversion Tips

1 Lessons

5% Club Case Studies

4 Lessons

Meet Kate

1 Lessons